Well, it clearly has been a long time since I last had a look at this blog. In the meantime, there has been quite a lot of change.

After finishing my BA in Graphic Design at Central Saint Martins in Summer 2014, I moved back to Luxembourg, stayed in Toronto for a couple of weeks and then, returning to Luxembourg, started working at Comed Luxembourg as a graphic designer for one year and a half. I participated in ‘Design – Resolute Change, Luxembourg Postscript’ with my Manifesto at the Casino Forum d’Art Contemporain in Luxembourg in spring 2015, and sold design objects at the Marché des Créateurs at MuDAM Luxembourg in the summer. Since Autumn 2015 I have integrated the Luxembourgish local design collective ‘In Progress‘, participated in the 2016 Luxembourg Design Biennale with the ‘Local Craft Meets Design‘ opening exhibition in spring 2016.

At the moment, I am doing an MA in Visual Communication – Experimental Communication pathway at the Royal College of Art in London. So I am playing around and exploring (my) limits, and I might post a few updates here and there, but I don’t know yet how I am going to go forward.
You can probably find the most recent visual updates on my instagram, facebook or tumblr though, or simply by contacting me directly.

So… have a good 2017, and maybe see you soon or not so soon!
(PS: Thanks for reading!)


Thank you for the lovely feedback on our exhibited projects, and I am happy that you enjoyed my manifesto!


A few days ago I had the chance to talk to Nadine Clemens, the president of Design Friends Luxembourg. We spoke about Resolute–Design Changes, Postscript: Luxembourg and the local design scene.

With Resolute exhibition Design Friends celebrates its 5th anniversary. It has always been its mission to invite internationally renowned designers from many fields of design and present their work to the local community. But for some time now the association’s leaders have felt there was something missing in the rich programme they offered every season. In October of last year, during the Night of the Museums, Design Friends presented a portfolio show featuring 100 Luxembourg-based design studios, so now Resolute–Design Changes is accompanied by Postscript: Luxembourg. This addition presents socially involved projects that come from designers who are either based in Luxembourg or have some link to it.

Postscript perfectly complemets  the themes chosen for the main show. Two projects that caught my…

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Nearly a week has passed since the opening of the travelling exhibition Resolute-Design Changes, the Graphic Design Festival Breda 2014, and M/M (Paris)‘s 7 Days at the Casino Luxembourg – Forum d’art contemporain

With over 500 visitors it turned out to be a very busy and thriving night. Thank you to everyone who stopped by!I am very glad to be part of the Luxembourg Postcript part together with great designers from Luxembourg:
Laurent Daubach, Patrick Hallé from Bakform, Reza Kianpour, Jean-Christophe Massinon, Daniel Clarens, and Lynn Schammel & Giacomo Piovan from Socialmatter.

And Special Thanks to Design Friends for making this happen!

(and sorry for the blurry phone picture, but it is all I have at the moment!)

While I am writing this post it is still January 6th in Canada so technically I can still wish you a happy three-kings-day (or epiphany, more commonly in English).
And, of course and most of all, a Happy New Year!

It has been a while since I published something on my work in progress blog here, but:
this doesn’t mean that there has been no work in progress since.
Quite the opposite!
Here are a few things that happened:

– we had an amazing Degree Show

– we participated in a few competitions

– I have graduated from Central Saint Martins in Summer 2014

– I participated in two exhibitions in Luxembourg, a summer and an autumn edition

– my notebooks became part of the Made in Arts London Summer 2014 Collection and are available to purchase through their website

– I moved back to Luxembourg in September 2014

– more projects were completed

– my Time is of the Essence: Student Organiser is published in a book

– I am finishing my last few days of a 2-month-stay in Toronto/Canada

– I finished a couple of projects inside and outside CSM last summer which I am going to be updating the progress on here soon as well

– I became a contributor at Rosportlife.com in November 2014 as part of the launch Rosport, the Luxembourgish water brand, website

– my Manifesto project is going to be part of the Resolute – Design Changes Exhibition opening in the Casino, Modern Art Forum of Luxembourg, in Luxembourg City on January 24th

There are a lot of words here! But there’ll be more details in a bit and a lot of stuff which I forgot to mention below.
My website and social media pages (facebook, twitter, instagram, tumblr) are updated with more pictures and info if you are eager to learn more in the meantime. And although the &London notebooks are now officially sold out, there are still a few notebooks on my etsy shop.

In order to clear up my work in progress with student projects and make space for the latest post-university projects (aka after assessment!) I am cleaning up the categories, but here are the CSM-specific categories just in case of need:
(and don’t forget to scroll down if you want to read through the development of a project from start to finish!)

Projects done around CSM

Year Two at Central Saint Martins (2012-2013):
Unit 5
Visual Language: International Klein Blue
Liberty’s Department Store into Flipbooks, a building translated into a book
Yves Klein by himself, a book translated into a building
Blast/Bless: Postcards from London, Luxembourg and Paris

Unit 6 – The Bigger Picture

Unit 7
Time is of the Essence: Student Organiser
What if Music Could Be Seen: Musical Perception
Pop Up Shop: &London Notebooks

Context / Dissertation
Unit 8-9

Year Three at Central Saint Martins (2013-2014):
Unit 10
Home Town: Luxembourg(ish)
The Value of an Image
A Do Something But Not Anything Manifesto
Public/Personal Space

TSI (Typography Special Interest Group)

Final Year Digital


Events & Exhibitions

Competitions & Collaborations & Live Briefs
Barnard & Westwood
Font Aid IV

An Illustration Workshop
An Internship at the Imprimerie du Marais
Art Auction 2013 Catalogue
D&AD British Council
D&AD Monotype