U5 #1 – As I contemplate…

For the first text I had been analysing, Maurice Merleau-Ponty’s, I wanted to accentuate the colour blue on the poster, and playing with the type, cutting out the text in white out of the rectangular forms around the letters, in order to get a window-similar perspective of a person looking out (into the sky). For the Final Presentation, I then decided to use colour instead of a printed blue, in order to get a texture and a stroke, as well as the feeling of something that could not be controlled.
The first few lines of the text afterwards are crossed out, because Maurice Merleau-Ponty talks about what he doesn’t see in the sky. The text merges with the blue lines, and still stays readable.

Busshelter Ad, InDesign Version
Busshelter Ad, InDesign Version


As the book version had to be in black and white, and is a more intimate format, I decided to simplify the setting, but keep the same concept instead of a new one.

book pagespread
book pagespread

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