U5 #1 – Life

The second text was out of Selected Poems from Emily Dickinson.

I started working it in concrete poetry style, the words playing around the meaning of the poem.
Focusing on the beginning of every paragraph, I played around the word Brain which is always opposed to something else, to the Sky, to the Sea, to God.
The type I chose should mirror the feeling of a poetry book, elegance, literature, as well as lightness and elegance, a font which everyone is familiar with, so I settled on Adobe Garamond Pro. I want the reader to focus on the text and the meaning and accentuating the meaning through spaced and arranged setting.
The only words accentuated are those that stand against each other, but over the whole text I used the same size of points.
Words are aligned vertically according to their importance, making a bond between each other but also creating a repetitive structure and a composition that is mainly kept on the left.

Even though my subject is the colour Blue, I decided not to use colour for this text, as I didn’t want it to become to litteral, and again trying to keep it as simple as possible.

The Poster Version for this text might seem as a page taken out of a poem book, as opposed to the normal posters. It gives an unusual view and different lecture experience, inviting the observer to stop and read the poem. It doesn’t opress the opinion onto the reader, but stands out through minimalism.

busshelter ad poster

In opposition to the poster, the book version is in some way a lot more conventional, as it is again set in a type that has often been used in books and allows an easy reading comfort. Yet it still plays around with vertical alignment, accentuating a few words out of the text to support the meaning. So even though it is set in a conventional type, the spaces and composition don’t allow the reader to flow straight through the text, but to keep the eyes dancing on the page.

book version
book version

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