U5 #1 – Selected Texts

Since we only showed the first text during the Interim Crit, the other two texts had to be added and edited in a similar or completely different way.

Here are the three texts I selected, which all have as subjects Yves Klein’s Blue.

Maurice Merleau–Ponty, Phenomenology of Perceptions, trans. C. Smith (London : Routledge, 1998), 214:

As I contemplate the blue of the sky, I am not set over against it as an acosmic subject ; I do not possess it in thought, or spread out toward it some idea of blue such as might reveal the secret of it, I abandon myself to it and plunge into this mystery, it “thinks itself within me,” . I am the sky itself as it is drawn together and unified, and as it begins to exist for itself ; my consciousness is saturated with this limitless blue.

The selected poems of Emily Dickinson, Part One: Life, CXXVI, p.72-73 :

The Brain is wider than the sky,
For, put them side by side,
The one the other will include
With ease, and you beside.

The Brain is deeper than the sea,
For, hold them, blue to blue,
The one the other will absorbe,
As sponges, buckets do.

The Brain of God is just the weight,
For, lift them pound for pound,
And they will differ, if they do,
As syllable from sound,

Yves Klein, The Monochrome Adventure, YKW 141-143:

Color,… on a human and natural scale, is that which is most immersed in cosmic sensibility,Sensibility has no crannies ; it is like humidity in the air.Colour,for me, is the materialisation of sensibility …
It is the monochrome that make me the most intoxicated. I have tried I don’t know how many styles. I have been as much of a painter as is permitted ; I have advanced and become avant-garde; I have passed through all the periods ; I have been insatiable and drawn from wells of pleasures and consolations, which have already left me jaded. In any case, I do believe that it is only in the monochrome that I truly live pictorial life, the painterly life of which I have dreamed. This was precisely what I have hoped for in painting! I find myself within it, in the special matter, the pictorial matter, and I have blossomed. It is true, I am for the first time inebriated and fully satisfied in painting monochromes. Color, the life of Color!


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