U5 #2 A – Briefing: Choice of Book

The Book into a Building

For my choice of book, I was of two minds: I could either chose one of my favorite novels, or a biography. Instead of Ensemble, C’est Tout, I chose Yves Klein by Himself by Klaus Ottman, which is a book I had borrowed from the library for my first brief about the Blue.

Yves Klein by himself

Yes, it’s orange. Unlike other Yves Klein books which you would assume to be blue, it plays on optical effect of the colour. If you stare at the cover for some time and then look onto a white surface, it is supposed to give you the impression of an International Klein Blue. (It hasn’t worked for me -yet. Maybe I didn’t have the right conditions.)
The book itself has an interesting structure as well. Opposed to a lot of biographies, it doesn’t limit itself to Yves Klein, but half of the book is about his sources of inspirations from philosophers, writers, and other artists and his research. There is a lot of importance given to the notes, which take half of the space as they have the left page all on their own.
The format and feeling of the book is very prestigious, and in its form, embossed golden title, golden page marker and golden edges, it nearly seems like a bible.


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