U5 BRIEF #2 A&B – Grids and Structures

U5 BRIEF #2  – Grids and Structures: Buildings and/as Books
The Briefing 

The second brief from Unit 5 is in my case Sheena Calvert’s brief Buildings and/as Books.
Our task was to chose a building in London as well as a book, then represent the building in form of a book and the book in form of a building, from 2-dimensional to 3-dimensional and vice-versa, while analysing the structures and grids.

So on the day of the briefing, we discuss about how buildings and books have similar structures.

Buildings are narratives and tell stories. They are based on concepts of how people could move through buildings, and therefore write stories telling people how they should move through it. Every building is a text and already a story, every book is a building constructing itself in minds.
Buildings have a different time feeling, they expand over a longer time scale. You can move through the building in different ways, in different speed.
Books are linear, and the direction choices are very limited. It is 2D vs 3D.
But both of them are using grids to organise material in a space.

When you translate something into another language or medium, there are elements that get lost, but there are also new elements that appear and add to the meaning. The question is: How might a building respond to the grid of a book/that is in a book, and how does a book change into a building?

After having read the short story The Library of Babel by Jorge Luis Borges, we are send of to go and decide on a book and a building, and meet again in the afternoon.


These were the first notes I took in the morning of the briefing.


notes for the first presentation of the selected book/building in the afternoon of the briefing

To keep a bit of an order, and as the two parts are somehow two separate briefs, I decided to divide the posts and write about the Liberty Shop (A) and the Yves Klein by Himself book (B) separately.


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