U5 #2A – Liberty’s: Research

Photo Research: So I took a camera to Liberty’s.

The Façade

The Interior Rooms

Even before you enter the department store, you are overwhelmed by information. The different levels are so low and full that your view is only limited to what you see just around you. From everywhere there seems to be attention-attracting objects and things lying hanging and standing around, you don’t know where to begin. Every level is divised into small departments of different sections, giving the impressions of a gallery of different small shops one next to another. On every border of the room you can find signs indicating where you might find what you’re looking for. But it is not possible to look from one side of the building to another: the rooms divide the huge space. It even becomes a challenge to have a look at what is on the other side of the room you’re standing in, as the rooms are so filled with products and ornaments and people.

There are two kinds of open spaces in the building, the staircases and the galleries.

The Staircases

The wooden staircases give a home-y feeling to the building, as they seem used but looked after, and somehow give a break to your eyes while you prepare for the next overflow of information.

The Galleries

There are three open galleries in the building. The one that is immediately after the main entrance, in the middle of the building is the most overwhelming, as it seemingly gives an overview of the building and the levels (But it doesn’t). They give you the possibility to have a peek at what is on the other floors of even on the other side of the level you’re currently standing on. They open the spaces and allow a bit of air. At some points, the products sold next to the open spaces are overlapping and reaching out into the void.

Ornaments and Details

If you’re careful and look around you while walking through the building, you can find details of ships and flowers and further woodcarvings as well as stone ornaments. There are also fireplaces and corners and wooden windows.


As you probably should have noticed by now, the building is mainly constructed out of wood. This gives the store a warm and welcoming feeling of being at home.

As I had to be careful with not making too many photographs due to copyright issues apparently, I apologize for the bad quality images.


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