U5 #2A – Liberty’s: Interim Crit

Interim Crit:

sketchbook extracts


you have to go aroung to see the building, as it is hidden in between the streets and buildings, in opposition to other popular department stores
such as Selfrigdges, Topshop, which are on Oxford Street or Regent Street.

black  white lines, squares, corners, decorations
curves — straight
organic — geometric shapes
divided — chaotic crowded and filled
old — new
wood (structrure, front, floor, roof)  — glass (windows, roof, lights)
Tudor Revival architecture
Arts and Craft Movement
corners, verwinkelt, triangular, points, lines, striped, geometric, repetitive patterns, overcrossing
Open Space — Small Windows and low levels

Book Design possibilities, sketches


corridors, archways, passages, entrances, stairs, paths, corners, lines, curves, carvings, wood, open, views, levels,

Store opened in 1925 (New Tudor Revival Style)
ship (traditional) — the façade was rigged from the wreckage of two modern warships (HMS Impregnable & HMS )
— recycling — old book to recreate a new out of it
— fake traditional

3 centerpieces (the Galleries) but still cozy, because of fireplaces, use of wood
3 main parts which contain little corners to discover

Superposition of 4-6 Layers (different levels of the building that merge together through the views over the galleries to different levels and rooms)
wood — pressed flowers (Liberty Prints)— transparence
ship, ornaments, contrasts
opening into different directions
Art Déco
black/extrabold — very light
cover — wood carved ornament


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