U5 #2B – Yves Klein by himself: Interim Crit

Interim Crit:

sketchbook extract




orange  blue
fire — water/sky/air/wind
hot — cold

no lines  transparency
the painting is the process, ashes are the remains

— every visitor brings something into the building, nature has its impact

— the evolution of Art towards the IMMATERIAL

accumulation of information
— LIBRARY / RESSOURCES / MUSEUM — GALLERY (different entrances?)


ROUND there are no corners or limits to it (endless blue horizon)

 filled with information? (you’re swimming through a sea of information)
or in the middle of the sea
it bathes in a cosmic sensitivity

ROUND — lines are human, color is a natural and a human measure
HORIZONTAL — reflecting the view of humans
something that stays on the feet of the visitor — TRACES/MARKS (Yves Klein’s paintings which have a tone but a lot of texture)

maybe in height so that there is a lot to see from it,
it is over the VOID (YK’s leaps, jumps into the void)
an endless view into infinity, immateriality


TRANSPARENT floors and outside
one ENDLESS floor continuing onto different levels

you shouldn’t go through the building in a conventional way:

middle path: circular stairway, pagemarks allowing you to go to the page you want to go to (as you can read the book per chapters as well, you can “enter” the book wherever you want, different entrances to the building)

main path: representing the main content, you can go through the building in one time, walking slowly upwards towards the 12th level (12 chapters of the book)

outside part: stand for the notes in the book, they are always on your side as you go through the book/building, and if you are on the outside path, you have a wider view (as you do if you read the notes, and where they come from)

all three paths are connected one to each other towards one path per level, meaning there are 12 paths for the 12 chapters
other than that, they are surrounded by the void.
The floors are transparent: when you start at the ground floor and you look up, you will see a dark blue, but as you go up, the blue will become lighter and lighter, and you will get to see clearer and further. As you arrive on the last floor, which should be in the middle of the building, you have the view and the void only surrounding you, when looking down you see a blue (as when looking up from the ground floor). The floor, which is going upwards in circular, spiral ways, doesn’t have any steps of corners (even the stairs are only step paths) so you don’t have any borders.


sketchbook extract (notes written in text above)


sketchbook extract

Now that’s the theory… how do I translate it into a real mockup?


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