So Far, So Good

It’s All in The Bigger Picture

Time goes by so fast!
We’re already very close to Christmas Month December, and the Christmas Lights at Oxford Street have already been lit, the Iceskating Ranks are open, and, of course, Christmas Markets. It means we will soon be in Christmas Break, there are only two more weeks to go.

Currently, we stage 2 Students at the CSPD (Communication and Spatial Design School) from CSM, are in the middle of what they call The Bigger Picture. A month in which the 4 disciplines -Graphic Design, Architecture Design, Product Design and Ceramic Design- are mixed together to form a whole, then divided into groups again, all mixed up, in a meet-and-greet ambiance.
After the first week of 6 key-lectures (by the speakers Eliane Glaser, Evan Davis, James Woudhuysen, Anna Minton, Matthew Taylor and Angela Saini) about different issues in todays society, such as ideology, economy, power and security, from where we came up with three keywords for each lecture in our group seminars, we have now completed the second week, which consisted in the search of a question, for which we were again divided into new sub-groups. These sub-groups formed in each of the 14 groups were formed accordingly to the three keywords that each person chose out of all the keywords from the six lectures at the end of Week 1. Mine were: Authenticity/Inauthenticity, Controversy – Paradoxical Affect / ethics – responsibility, Sustainability & Innovation.
Yes, I know, all this is very confusing, but apparently it’s part of the game (you can read more about it on the Bigger Picture Blog here, the Group 12 Blog Here).
So now at the end of Week 2, there is one week left to work on a Group Presentation that will happen at the end of Week 3, in which we present our Research Question, and then go on to a Personal Essay in Week 4.
And then there’s Christmas Break!


2012-12-08 13.00.41


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