U5 #2B – Yves Klein by himself: Update

The Mockup: Preparations

another sketch


colour sketch showing the three parts of the floors

These are my first materials for the mockup
– plastic ball
– transparents


The plan is to create levels that, as they overlay create a full blue if looking up or down, that gets more transparent as you move into higher/lower levels, until arriving in transparence. But I am not sure if it is going to work out that way. In order to keep the levels up, I plan to put vertical transparents, through which the horizontal “spirals” would go through, they would hold the levels at the wanted heights.

I tried measuring the spirals with thread, but it didn’t work.

A few tryouts of calculating the quantity of paper I will need:


view from the front,
the 12 levels, need to be enlarged and arranged


view from above to show the voids between the floors (last floor?)


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