U5 BRIEF #3 – Blast [Bless] 2013

U5 BRIEF #3  – Mediums and Messages: BLAST [BLESS] 2013

The Briefing

The third brief from Unit 5 is to create a version of Bless/Blast for 2013.
Bless/Blast was a magazine that was only published twice. The first one, published on July 2nd 1914, is the most popular of both. It was written and mostly edited by Wyndham Lewis. The second edition, about war was published one year later in 1915.

During the briefing, we got to se an original version of both, on the link under here is a PDF to show you how it looked like (The magazine, not our briefing).

Wyndham Lewis – Blast 1

There were the original versions of Blast 1 and Blast 2.

The content of the Blasts and Blesses is pretty random, but it’s use of the font and simplicity is unconventional and makes the Manifesto an important contribution to graphic design


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