U5 #3 – Blast/Bless: first drafts

A Version for 2013

After doing a bit a research and having a look into an original print of Blast as well as a reprint, it is time to thing about the 2013 version for Blast/Bless.

My thoughts were to do Blasts and Blesses about Luxembourg, Paris and London, as these are the three places I have spent some time of my life, some more, some places less. A fourth part could be done about the world of graphic design, just for the fun of it.

The content could be placed in four small booklets, together in a package.
But, in order to underline the idea of reports from different places, I have also thought of postcards, as well as typing the text on a typewriter in order to accentuate the idea of reports.

As an alternative, I thought about creating a campaign about blasting and blessing, like stickers or post-its that would be customisable.


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