U5 #3 – Blast/Bless: Grotesque No. 9

There are not many restrictions on the brief, but one of them is to not use the font in which the texts had been set in in 1914, which is Stephenson & Blake Grot No.9.
But also no Headline Bold, Bureau Grotesk or Impact, as it would get to close to the original version.

Stephenson & Blake Grot No. 9

Grotesque No. 9 on MyFonts

Grotesque No. 9 on MyFonts

Stephenson Blake was a British Type foundry, based in Sheffield, England. Active from the 19th century until the 1990s, it remained the last active typefoundry in Britain. The typefoundry began operations in July 1818 by silversmith and mechanic William Garnett and toolmaker John Stephenson, financially supported by James Blake. That November, news came that the breakaway Caslon foundry (formed when William Caslon III left the original Caslon foundry in 1792) was put up for sale by William Caslon IV. In 1819 the deal was concluded and Blake, Garnett & Co. were suddenly in charge of one of England’s most prestigious typefoundries. In 1829 Garnett left to become a farmer. The company was renamed Blake & Stephenson in 1830, but Blake died soon after. It became Stephenson, Blake & Co. in 1841. John Stephenson died in 1864, the year after he handed control to his son Henry. By the early 1900s the foundry had ventured ventured into steel making and tool production, which would prove to be the core business of the current firm.
While the foundry was still producing some type in zinc as late as 2001, the foundry had shut down by 2005 when the matrices and other typographic equipment, by then of little commercial value (but of great historical value), were passed toMonotype, becoming a key part of the Type Museum, London. There are plans to turn the former premises into an apartment complex.

Wood Letters


Letterpress Card

The font was designed by Eleisha Pechey in 1906 and published in digital format by URW++ in 2000  an is available on MyFonts.com and FontShop.

Similar Fonts:

— Headline Bold

Headline Bold on FontShop

Headline Bold on FontShop

Based on Grotesque No.9, it is a design from the Stephenson Blake foundry.
Designed by Monotype Staff in 1956, published by Ascender Corp and Monotype.

— Bureau Grotesk

Bureau Grot Compressed Black OT on FontShop

Based on the Stephenson Blake grotesques from the 1800s, the naming gives the width (One=condensed to Five=normal to Seven=extended) followed by the weight (One=light to Three=normal to Seven=black). Designed by David Berlow from 1989-93. (Identifont)

— Impact

Impact™ Std Roman on FontShop

Geoffrey Lee designed Impact font for the Stephenson Blake foundry in 1965. The sans serif display typeface is very heavy and condensed in the grotesque style, similar to Helvetica Inserat. (Ascender Fonts)


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