U5 #3 – Blast/Bless: Interim Crit

So much about Blasting and Blessing, here is the first draft for the contents, out of my sketchbook, what I presented during the Interim Crit today.

In order to support the idea of messages from a few locations, I decided on the formats of postcards, with one side of the postcards having the letter B on it, which can represent either Blast or Bless, therefore keeping it neutral.
On the other side of the postcard there would then always be a blast or a bless. I thought about the Bs being in different types and variations, maybe according to the messages on the other side of the postcards.
The postcards would be held in a collection box, and could be used as decoration as well. There would also be a few blank postcards.

Comments during the Crit: what about a visual element that has something to do with the location that is being commented on, maybe a photograph of a letter B taken on location.
Other references could be brought in by using Postmarks.

As type I thought it would match the “report”-part if I use a typewriter to write the text. This text can be scanned and edited afterwards to change scales and contours of the letters, I am going to make a few tests.

Comments: What about hand-written Blesses and Blasts?

Another format that I consider is a collection of A6-sized booklets per location. The small size would allow me to make something intimate and personal, something that might have more effect and thoughtfulness even though it doesn’t show off from the outside.
I even thought about making the type so small that you would need an enlarging glass in order to be able to read the text.


Sketchbook: Notes

These were the notes for the content so far:

SCAN0120 SCAN0121 SCAN0122


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