U5 #3 – Blast/Bless: Typewriter Essays Part II

later on….

Page 1

Typewritten Page 1

Typewritten Page 1


The first page is mostly me trying out how to use the typewriter, what ink and how much pressure I have to put on the letters to get a decent and readable print. The black part of the ribbon already being used up almost entirely, I try out the red one, then overlaying the colours, and re-typing the letters even three times. Then, after deciding that I could change the colour after scanning the prints in, I focus on the letters themselves, looking at how they changed each time I pressed the letters. By repeating the same letters a few times, I prepare some sort of répertoire of letters, to afterwards chose the best versions on the computer.
At some point, I decide to just try out and type in text, I would have time to change or re-type text tomorrow morning, but now I would just type text.
So the rest of the page is a bit of blasting and blessing about Luxembourg, after the random test-typing before. It is in a textblock, as I was afraid to run out of paper.

Page 2

Typewritten Page 2

Typewritten Page 2

Starting the second page, I realise that I won’t run out of paper as quickly as I thought, since it is very time-consuming to type with one finger, especially with that much pressure. So I start to test a few variations, trying to follow the sense of the comments and arranging the letters accordingly to the sense, to accentuate some words over others, playing with with white spaces and rewriting the words I didn’t write correctly (there were quite a few of them).

Page 3

Typewritten Page 3

Typewritten Page 3

On the third page, I also start playing around with the graphical ressources I have in front of me, such as creating a texture using the dots.
This is what I am going to continue with tomorrow, now it’s time to have a detailled look at the scans and to see what I can do with them separately.

The back of the pages isn’t uninteresting, either, but not very easy to see on a photo:




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