U5 #3 – Blast/Bless: typewriting postcards

back to the typewriter

So I “had to” borrow the typewriter again.



Using the other half of the paper I had left from the booklets, I roughly drew the postcard sizes onto the A5 sheets and then wrote straight onto the paper.
I decided on different paper for each category, sugar paper for London to mirror the newspaper and roughness of fish&chips, a somewhat white paper for the normality of Luxembourg, a smooth beige-ish paper for Paris, and I haven’t decided yet for the random part. And cutting A1 paper again. Initially I had planned to use different paper such as transparents, mirrored silvery paper and other kinds of paper, but most of them where too thick and wouldn’t go through the typewriter.

Starting with London as I felt these were the parts where I had managed to experiment the most, it also made me find myself surrounded by mostly cards about London, a few cards for Luxembourg and two for Paris. At this point, at the end of a long day, I decided to stop with the typing and see if after I’ve advanced the other projects I still have time left to finish the cards before assessment, otherwise I will finish them after the assessment. After all the contents are all already typewritten, and the postcards only a last adaptation of the texts.

I used the typewriter caracters to create textures on the postcards, and am quite happy with how they turned out, with the debossed letters, even though for the black ink I had to pass two to five times over the letters in order to get a more black appearance. But this also allowed me to play with the pressure and greys of the typewriter.

Photo683 Photo684Photo687

Now I still have to cut them out, but most of it is finished I think. There are some parts with letters that shouldn’t be there, but I find it only gives a more authentic feeling to it.


To complete the postcards, I put the title Blast/Bless on the other sides of the cards.

Photo685 Photo686


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