U5 #2 A – In theory

In theory, I would do a flipbook version for every of the fourteen sections, so that when you have the fourteen booklets lying one next to another they form the whole building. I could then also add two small booklets, one about the Liberty sign and one for the ship sculpture that is above the main entrance.



I do now realise that the flipbooks have to be quite big in order for them to be readable and have enough text in them, and to leave enough space on the side of the image.
As my format is very, very vertical, I planned to do vertical versions. Yet, this would mean that a lot of text would disappear at the lower part of the page, as increasing and adding margings under the format to allow space would make it very difficult to actually ‘flip’ the book.
This means that it would be better to do a horizontal flipbook, enlarging the width of the pages in order to leave a gap on the left side, while pushing the text to the outer right side. As my format is now 178 x 80 mm, this would make it a lot wider.


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