U5 #2 A – Liberty’s as Flipbooks?


Sketchbook extracts, notes

Sketchbook extracts, notes

So what does one need to make a flipbook:

– a set of images/pages
– a lot of unneeded space next to the binding
– paper that is resistant and not too thin but not too heavy either
– preferably a horizontal format, but not necessarily
– enough marging in order to allow the book to bend
– enough pages to support each other during the bending

My initial idea:

From a leaflet over a poster to flipbooks, I am using the grid of the building’s front as bases.

Analyse of the grids:

The building’s front is not flat and in one part. Instead is divided into fourteen different vertical sections, divided by the forms, the roofs and also the variations in depth.
All sections of the building are based on the same grid: which is visible due to the wooden beams. Every part is divided into the different floor levels and into vertical wooden beams that are installed in regular distances one from the other.
On this same base grid, there then have been added variations to each part, such as different windows, other intersections, and roofs.
The grid I am basing my project on is the very visible dark wooden structure that contrasts to the white paint.


Using the bases, I set text onto these grids. However, instead of showing the whole text, I want to be able to make it confusing and disorientating (again, the feeling of lost while in the building, too much information at the same time and no good overview of the buildings).
In order to do this, I moved away from the leaflets and posters towards the format of  flipbooks.


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