U5 #2 A – Liberty’s

Change of plans

As I said, I have to change the form of the books again as the flipbook would interfere with the format I set for my grids. So I am going to simplify the book by making it a book which first purpouse is not to be flipped. Instead it is going to include the illustrations/grids with a text set accordingly to each specific grid/illustration. But instead of the letters trying to illustrate the grids as they would have done in the flipbooks, the grid won’t necessarily be visible anymore by only looking at the text.
Using a selection of illustrations from the façade, the booklet should be divided into the different floors, using what is sold on the different floors as content, without clearly saying what it is that is sold there. It could be like an orientation guide for the building. However, for the moment I am not going to put a table of contents or page numbering to repeat the lack of orientation, and since they seem to move their shops around in the building as well. (even though it seems logical to change the Christmas Shop to only Arts & Crafts and Furniture).

January's Store Map

January’s Store Map

But, as I am analysing the different forms of the front, I realise that, even if they slightly differ in width, different windows and suppors, the main structure is always the same, such as the different levels and the vertical lines that repeat each other continuously through the façade.Photo735

3hile I am again looking at the differences that are between the different parts of the building, analysing the details and searching for differences, I think back to the beginning of the brief and to the question:

How do you translate the building into a book?

and I realise that there doesn’t necessarily need to be text in a book, or booklets. Or flipbooks. Instead of the text, I could use the image itself to construct itself throughout the flipbook, showing the similarities and differences between the parts.
Now, could that solve my problem, or am I just too attached to my idea of a series of little flipbooks?


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