U5 #2B – Yves Klein by himself: Mockup

Finished Mockup

Mockup Building

Mockup Building

I did a cross-section of the building as a mockup to visualise my concept in a 3D format.


The floor is divided into three parts (outside: notes, middle: main part, center: stairs) and are based on the books grids. Between the parts there is nothing, it is the void. The floors are transparent, but the more floors or levels you have above or under you, the bluer they get. The three floors are actually always three whole parts, going up or down like a spiral, meaning there is no edge until you reach the 12th floor (the endlessness over the horizon). This is also why the building is a sphere: there are no edges or obstacles to interrupt the view in the observatory, not even the floors, and there are no concreter walls. The sphere protecting the inside is transparent.

You can read more about the whole projet in the category Brief 2 -Book into a Building.


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