U7 #4 – First ideas

Dominant Ideas

1. Repetition/the infinite circle/everything is part of a defined circle
Reverse: Setting time is up to everyone, giving a freedom to build a day accordingly to their needs.
Exaggerate: Everyone sets time frames according to how it works best for them, organising their own time and managing their own time systems. One could be able to have a 27 hours day if there is a lot of work to do, or an 19 hour day.
Distort: Building time and days with “bricks”, constructing days, dividing the year into movable elements (snow, sun, hours etc)
Wishful thinking: defining hours and days and systems according to each one’s needs, instead of following what society gives you as time indicators (Why is it that every beginning of the week, the month, the year seems to be like a big obstacle we have to overcome, when it comes around every week, every month, every year anyway? Why do we want to be in the weekend as soon as possible, but complain about time rushing away?)

Instead of thinking of time as hours, days, weeks, months or years, invite the user to bring up their own time systems, accordingly to their ways of living, through movable elements to build up days, as days and seasons seem to be the only fixed time (daylight/nighttime, midnight) in nature, obstacles that can’t be overcome.
The division could be made by creating a set of elements in the form of stickers, puzzles, areas to be filled up.
There could be an optimal day/week/month division to as how to live healthy, serving as a template. I’m also not sure if there should be an unlimited number of parts which would be something like Sleep, Eat, Work, Exercise, Free Time, Transport, or partitions that would limit and ask the user to use up all of the elements. As I am now listing different categories, they seem very cliché and “5-fruit-and-veg-a-day-like, which I am not that happy about…


2. Create a parallel system representing the infinite time differences between different places of the Earth due to rotation, circles that never catch up.


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