U7 #4 – The Perception of Time in Modern Society

Looking at the meaning and essence of a regular and regulated time system in our modern society, it gets more and more evident that time is constantly restarting and renewing circles and continuing without an end, it has the impression of always being there. Time is often represented by a ticking clock, dates that fly by, and numbers going on and on and on. When arriving at the end of a week, a month, a year, a decade, a century, a millenium, our system is constructed in restarting the same circle over and over again, as if it were a fresh start. Yet, while time is a constance, endless and eternal (seemingly), it is life that is ephemere and fragile especially over a certain period of time. Life depends on time, as it is through what it evolves and grows, yet time is also fatal to life, it’s what is going to destroy and disrupt it, slowly. Time is running out.

It seems as though time has made our society turn into workaholics, pressuring people to work long hours but as fast as possible in the same time. Time is money.

Then again there are other aspects of time rather than only the rushing and stressing around in order to meet deadlines that had been set to yesterday.
Carpe Diem, Seize the Day, encouraging to live each day as if it was your last, without caring about tomorrow. But then, doesn’t that also involve having the idea of the End in mind? Either way, time is perceived in our society as a vicious circle, or a series of vicious circles starting over and over again, unstoppable and irreversible, it brings evolution and destruction at the same time.


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