U7 #4 Time and Life

Still thinking and researching. Today I went to one of the lectures about Philosopy, Politics and the Arts that are going on on during the next few thursdays at the college, a talk from Sam Weber about The Singularity of Literary Cognition, and it also made me think about how, again, society sets time frames and thrives people into living accordingly to it. He also mentioned Kant’s æsthetic judgment and his perception of beauty. According to Kant, the beauty in something is its limited period of existence, so this is again depending on time. The longer something exists in its environment, the less attention and impact it has, therefore losing of importance and beauty.
Now this is debatable, there is no time length or anything noted, and I guess it is also depending on the eye of the spectator. Yet, it shows again the importance and impact of time, getting back to “Time is the Essence*.

So while time “destroys” beauty, it also can transform something unusual and ugly into something beautiful. The unusual often doesn’t match our taste or expectations, yet, over time it can “grow on us”. Again, time has the power to destroy but also built up beauty.

In order for something to exist, it often needs a place and a date, at some point of history. Notice of place and time is required.

Time is immaterial, it cannot be touched, only felt unconsciously and consciously. It can fly by in seconds or last for days and days. However, time is only noticed if it is in context. It is life and repetition that affect things over time. A path walk that degrades over time is only doing so because of the affects of the weather and people and dogs walking. So without action and impact, time doesn’t show.


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