UCL: UCreate Workshop – Design Make Sell

Today I had the first of two Workshop Days of UCreate Design Make Sell, a workshop organised from UCL in order to promote and train people for independent entrepreneurship, somehow like a crashcourse in marketing, group work and design in two days. Divided into groups with students from different colleges and with different study backgrounds such as Engeneering, Architecture, Design, Art, Construction and Law, the students are giving a brief in order to create a product or experience that is viable, supports the cause and can make profit. Out of the nine groups we had today, they are going to choose four groups that will get £500 each as start-up-money in order to produce and manufacture their product or idea, which is then presented in a market stall on two days during the first weekend of March. The group making the most profit gets all of the profits.
So the main goal of the workshop differs from person to person. It can be the experience of designing, the process and the selling for one person, the profit part for another.
Today was a really long day, and they tried to fit in as much information and courses and sessions as possible, as there are only two days to work on the brief. The group experience, the briefing, the ideagenerationsessions (x3), group discussions, brainstorming, market research at Camden Market, Marketing and Target course were on today’s program.
Tomorrow we are supposed to further develop and prepare our ideas, while also preparing the pitch which is going to happen during five minutes around 4pm, where the judges are deciding on whose projects are going to be supported and going to the next day.
Long day behind me and another long day in front of me..


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