UCL: When Life gives you lemons, …

The second and last day of the UCreate Workshop was a bit less busy as we already knew somehow what we were going to do. So after a market-targetting-estimating-session, we went on to develop our idea, work on the pitch, design, and estimate costs. The organisers and tutors came by a few times to have a look at what we were doing and were very positive and encouraging, which motivated us to go further with our project. Chase and I also had a small break as we were being interviewed for the short trailer about the event.
In the afternoonm there was a last session to prepare us for the pitch, then a short period to finalise our presentation before we went back to the presentation room at 4pm to present. Every of the nine teams got five minutes to explain their concepts and projects, then there were two minutes for questions, and then it was the next group’s turn.
While the Jury was consulting, we were filling out forms and making souvenir group photos. It was/is the first edition of UCreate at UCL, so we were somehow the experiment.
Not much time for a coffee break as they came back pretty fast into the auditorium to announce the four winning teams. Which also included our team, Design Unlimited! So, together with three other teams, we are now competing against each other in order to make the most profit, as the winning team is the one that makes the most profit, and they get all of the profits. Each group gets a budget of £500, as well as two market stalls. We managed to get a stall on Upmarket and one on Spitalfield Market (we had to fight for this one!), and are now trying to set everything up as fast as possible…
So in the meantime, you are just going to have to wait to see what we came up with…
All I can say is that it’s should be pretty refreshing…


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