U7 #4 – Comments from the Interim Crit

1: Time-Organising:
Turned into a Calendar for us students currently on Design and Interaction. As our system is very chaotic and there is no consistency, and students, especially exchange students are given the program without being able to adapt quickly enough to the system so that they often only know how to work when they are about to leave.
It is supposed to help the students to organise themselves accordingly to the brief they choose and to be able to see what needs to be done and what has already be done.
This would have to be an useful tool to facilitate the D&I Student’s Life at CSM.

2: Measuring Time with Rain:
Too confusing, which I definitely agree with but I still wanted to get it out there.

3: Two Timezones:
Feedback on this project was also very encouraging, as it would allow me to display what is going on in two different parts in the world at about the same time, and to inform people. It would be an informational calendar that you could look at.


Both ideas that I wanted to work with can be further developed and have an interesting and valid topic. Hesitating between the D&I Calendar and the Timezones-Calendar, I would really like to work on both ideas, but to do this in only one week is simply not realistic. So instead I decided to work on the D&I Calendar as it is going to be a bigger challenge for me than the Timezones Calendar which would be mainly organising information. What I now have to do is look at organisation systems, what doesn’t work in our Calendar system and how I can present it.


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