U7 #5 – Pre-Interim Crit

What if Music could be seen?

Capturing the listener’s reaction through a visual medium

There are different kinds of music for different kinds of taste. Humans have evolved with music serving as entertainment, consciously or unconsciously. We perceive music through hearing, in some cases also through feeling (basses). Yet the visual part of music is abstract: it is left to everyone’s individual mind. Even though compositions might have been created with stories and tales in mind, how a listener interpretates it is still left to every individual.

Music has an impact on us, it can change moods, reflect feelings and support. Yet every single person perceives it in a different way. How can we see music through other people’s eyes? Is music mirrored in the listener’s facial (non-)expression?

How is it perceived differently by each person each time?

Is it possible to capture peoples reactions through tracking of the facial expressions while listening to music and to collect them throughout the track, creating an abstract digital drawing with the collected data?



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