Design Commission Report Launch

After having assisted at a lecture hosted by the Design Commission at King’s Cross in december, I had been invited to the Design Commission Report Launch which happened this morning. Breakfast at the Palace of Westminster!

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Barry Quirk CBE and Baroness Denise Kingsmill presented us the report through a short introduction to it, talking generally about design and user-focus in the public services area.
While Barry Quirk focussed more on the way of designing and what to consider (user-specific, easy to handle etc), Baroness Kingsmill specifically insisted on how designers should approach people/clients, making them aware of all facts, including cost, in the public services area, since there are more and more cuts in budget being made. She proposed to create some sort of a working group in order to keep the project going and not turn it into another report.



I haven’t read the report yet, but there are design issues that consider more than just public services. I hadn’t really considered graphic design in public services yet, as it seems to be quite different from applying graphic design to products.
It is probably a good approach to increase importance in design in all areas, however I don’t think it can be that easily simplified.

During the launch there were mostly people knowing each other, it might have been more logical to make the launch open to public instead of keeping it closed in the Palace of Westminster and invite only, if they want to apply it to public services and especially if they want to get the word around.


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