U7 #5 – pre–final crit

Tomorrow I am supposed to present my project for the “What if music could be seen?” brief for the last time. However I am still struggling trying to find a way to translate the movements of the listener into one single image, which is especially due to software restrictions (result of a lack of knowledge of Processing, OpenCV and After Effects as these aren’t the softwares I am used to), but also because it is the last week before Easter Break and there is a lot of stuff going on: helping to organise our Pop-Up Shop for the end of may, a live brief that we presented today, portfolio reviews, a report launch, an Elle/EDO event, a lecture by Seb Lester, and filming filming filming. But these aren’t excuses, so for now I am still trying to find out how I can edit the videos to make them as I want them to be, and which is not 120gb big (but that is my least problem for now).

I have also tried drawing manually over the images while the movies are playing, which was something I wanted to avoid, trying to keep the project as less personal as possible. It wasn’t convincing either, as it looks too literal, or abstract, or mostly too drawn and far away from music or perception.


So I still haven’t found one solution that could work, for now.

But during my research I came across the SMPC (Society for Music Perception and Cognition):

They are looking at perception and how music can influence our moods. It doesn’t have something to do with visuals, but with the impact of music and how it is perceived.


… maybe I should design musical typefaces.


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