U7 #5 – Final Crit Feedback

As a conclusion from the final crit, the short movies showing people listening to music has a good impact already in its pure form, meaning that I don’t necessarily need to take it further as it stands good by itself.

– leave the room while the listener is being filmed
– create a short mix of different songs not more than two to three minutes long (maybe in loop?)
– make people listen to the music through earphones
– zoom in on the face (no distraction from the clothes)
– keep the same style
– no music needed to accompany the images (makes people focus more on the visual and makes them curious about what song could be played)
– a selection of people, from 4 to 8 people (to compare the different reactions)

The images of the people listening to music can stand independently as a project,  but it still seems not enough as a project to me (which might only be because I am mostly used to doing print design in opposition do digital media… we’ll see how it turns out!).

So up to the film studio to book a space for after the Easter Break!


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