U7 #6 – Supply: Notebook

For the briefing of our supply brief, we have been given the task to design a series of notebooks that are going to be sold as limited editions in the London Graphic Centre Flagship store in Covent Garden in our Pop Up Shop at the end of May (and which I am also helping to organise).

We looked at different kind of notebooks, specific uses, shapes, forms, purposes and so and so forth. Conclusion from the session was that the things to consider while conceptualising and brainstorming about possible directions were: Cover, physical form, inside, add-ons, production version vs selling version, format, size, budget, use and time management.

As a starting point everyone brought a notebook they really liked. What I brought where two little notebooklets that have differents grids in them, which I have had for some time now but found too precious to use. A LOT of people brought in moleskine notebooks, which seems to be the master of notebooks. But I’ve only had one moleskine in my life (my current diary/agenda) and find them too expensive/precious to buy, I think I wouldn’t use them.


extract out of my sketchbook


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