U7 #6 – before the first crit/feedback session

I had collected a bunch of different ideas and concepts. My main design purpose is to make a notebook that is not just nice to look at, through looking at how I use my notebook.
A notebook is assembled through elements from past, present and future aims, a personal space to collect thoughts, ideas and reminders.
Main Routes:
– collection of grids or patterns to use as starting points for sketching, however because there are already so many grids, I wanted to have the grid based on something rather than just an accumulations of parallel forms. So I decided on grids based on monuments or elements around London.

examples of grids

examples of grids

– Inspiration/collection notebook: Since I usually collect and put flyers, papers, images into my notebook/folder, I found it nice to have something to put the collected things into it, so that you could use it later without losing it and take it out when you need it.

– shapes of notebooks: initially based on punctuation marks, as the thoughts and comments you want to scribble down, but ended on the form of an ampersand as some kind of “there’s always more to say”. I also looked at different letters with outline to make them bolder and less easy to read.

Screen shot 2013-04-30 at 21.48.27

– different sizes for different thoughts and drawings, so that there is no longer an excuse to whether you don’t have a good format for your ideas (foldouts?).

As format I thought about A6 and A5 as they are common formats and standard sizes for a reason, they are also the sizes of notebooks I personally use a lot.


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