U7 #4 – Retouches

I am currently getting my student organiser from the calendar/time is the essence brief ready for assessments. The week has been changed to seven equal days (in comparison to a shared Saturday/Sunday column) and I replaced the monthly overview with the term overview. The stamps stayed the same, but I am thinking about adding “raw” stamps (meaning erasers) so that users could form them according to their moods and change/replace them easily. Unfortunately the A5 is too large as a size to transform into a stamp (which was my initial idea, to make it as affordable and reusable as possible), so I included three sets of ten weeks and a term overview pads. There are also the card pads for the to-do list and legend that goes with the stamp. In order to have some kind of pad paper, I binded the pages together (in their respective stacks) so that it is possible to rip out a page and carry it along with you, although the stacks aren’t very heavy to carry. The paper used is recycled paperback which is better to write on and still keeps a similar look to the sugar paper thus making it look ready to use instead of being too nice/prestigious to write on. I sticked to the simple green/black colour scheme, but realised that it would be possible to vary the colours for the three terms, even though this make them more even and equal.
I have been thinking and thinking about how I could package this without creating a huge box to carry it around with and as I want to keep it as simple as possible.

The whole set is meant to be as affordable as possible as well as reusable (through photo-copying or stamping the week schedules onto different papers).


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