U7 #5 – Exporting and Waiting

exporting in progress

exporting in progress

After filming eighteen people (including me) listening to a mixed track with extracts from various songs with different styles, I have put them together into a video so that the reactions can be compared directly one next to the other.
Setting and coordinating the videos with the music was quite difficult as I relied only on the people’s facial expressions and reactions to orientate the timing.
I am surprised by how little people actually react to music, even though there were one, two songs that affected as good as everyone.

I am still waiting for the video to finish exporting and hope this version is going to be the final one.
Here is a screenshot preview from one of the earlier exported video versions.
I was sceptic about whether I should put everyone in the video or isolate a few, but I think this allows for the widest range of reactions and diversity and gives people something new to discover each time. I am going to have to decide if I am including the music as well.



During this project, I have learned what I cannot do in processing unless I am a coding master, how to book the film studio, set up/prep  and film (30-minutes-videos are a bad idea unless you want to end up with 120 gb files to transfer), how to make a music mix, how to edit a video and how to export it (with a lot of patience). So many things I had never done before. Even though my end result may look a bit rough around the edges, I think I managed to get my message through, visualising music through people’s perceptions and reactions, while showing that music is perceived differently by each individual.


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