An internship at l’Imprimerie du Marais

After workshops in London, a summer job in Luxembourg, and a small internship at Fox and Bear Vintage UK in London, I transformed myself back into a Parisian for a month again. It was a strange feeling to be back in Paris after a year gap, and I now have a different opinion on France since I left the ECV in june 2012 to come to CSM in London.
My stay in Paris was filled with varying tasks for the Imprimerie du Marais, a printing studio located in the centre of the Marais district as well as long walks back home past the Notre Dame cathedral, over the Seine, through the poetic Quartier Latin, past the Jardin du Luxembourg and many other lovely sights.


So what does a graphic designer do in a French imprimerie (printing studio) with screenprinting, lasercutting, folding, binding, cutting, and an amazing printing archive filled with projects done for well-known clients out of the fashion and art world? Mostly situated in the communication and PR department upstairs and sharing some tasks with another intern, I spent a big part of the first week looking through websites and portfolios to find projects fitting into different specific categories of the Post’IM website (which has now officially been launched), helping to fold and finish products to ship them to clients as well as getting briefed to do illustrations for the wedding invitation and announcement cards presentation folder on which I worked throughout the internship and which I am still finishing.
The second week was filled with other projectsearching, and preparing invitations of a happening in the end of September to be sent via a mailing list and via post, and creating a pdf portfolio presentation for a window display designer.
For the third week we were hurrying to finish the preparations for the exhibiton ‘Miroir – Qui Sommes-Nous?’ by designer Ronan Teissèdre situated around the Marais, I did some technical translations for the Post’IM website into English and managed to work on drawings and illustrations for the wedding invitations folder, as well as an identity proposition for a art seller.
My last week of the internship was spent preparing for the opening night of the ‘Miroir – Qui Sommes–Nous?‘ event held on Wednesday September 18th in front of the Imprimerie du Marais. Preparing the mirrors created for the exhibition, we then also participated in the hanging process of the eighty mirrors in the streets of the third arrondissement with the artist Ronan Teissèdre Tuesday night, the night before the evening. On Wednesday evening, the rain stayed away and allowed the Imprimerie du Marais and Ronan Teissèdre collaboration for the ‘Rives de la Beauté 2013‘ Festival to have a marvelous opening night of the parcours. During the last few days before I left I managed to sneak in a bit more of drawing and illustrating, creating the beginnings of a map of the exhibition’s itinerary, finishing my identity design proposal and some other small tasks.

The internship in the Imprimerie du Marais gave me the possibility to work in an inspiring and thriving environment, surrounded by traditional and modern printing facilities and lovely people, and I am very grateful for this experience.

Now you can look at some extracts of what I participated in:

views inside the studio:

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from the ‘Miroir – Qui Sommes–Nous’ Exhibition:

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some of the drawings/illustrations for the wedding invitations presentation (in progress)

and some nice sights from Paris:

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