Unit 10: Mini-Brief

My first self-initiated mini-brief done in one day was concerned about how a created experience could interfere with the user’s awareness of the self and the environment. What I did was create a series of books, booklets and leaflets that each had a speciality about them and were supposed to be hung/installed in a small space by themselves, maybe by being hung with nylon threads. This project was again initiated as a wish to work further on the subject of my dissertation and trying to push it towards a physical outcome.

The few variations that I did were:
– a book with scent
– a transparency booklet
– a half-bound book
– a concertina black book
– a one-line-block

work in progress

The fragrance booklet was created spending a few hours drying red tea on watercolour paper (which surprisingly turned a violet blue once it was dry), the transparency booklet was filled with transparent acetate, tracing paper and blue acetate and tracing paper (leaning on my book-building project that I did about Yves Klein last year), a block whose pages were not entirely glued so it falls appart when you try to use it, a concertina black book that needs focused handling and a bound block consisting in one line. All the booklets were hand-bound.


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