Unit 10 #1 – Briefing: Branding your Home Town.

I started Unit 10 with a branding project. Why? Because I despise branding/identity/logo design not only because of commercial necessity but more because of a bad design thinking process that I experienced during my first on-the-field-experience in a one-week-peek inside a studio while I was still in High School. This, the fact that I haven’t done a branding project (except for the Art Auction 2013 project) and that I want to do something completely different from my earlier projects in order to get a new approach to research and create solutions as well as do a project that requires me to work in an unexperienced area and push my own (safety) boundaries, while working on a (little less commercial) branding project that allows me to find out more about my home country from which I have been living away from for the last four years and now have a different, more open-minded perspective and opinion on and for which I am excited to dive into research.

So the project I am going to work on until christmas break (and probably while and after as well) is the Home Town brief with Marc Wood. As insiders of specific places, we are asked to chose our home town as a starting point and maybe stand as ambassadors for a place that we associate with the term ‘home’ and ‘to explore possibilities in socio-cultural visual identity design and place branding’.
A few key questions and words from the briefing: What does ‘home’ mean? What is the concept of ‘home’? We are ask to find new ways to express the Identity of the home.
What story do you want to tell, to whom, and why?


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