U10 #1 – Luxembourg: Interim Crit


For the interim crit on friday, I prepared a pdf presentation about Luxembourg. As the pdf included many details from  my research, it was quite detailed. Here are a few visual extracts from the presentation.

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Luxembourg’s history of different occupiers and origins from all over Europe until independence in 1867:

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The variations of languages in Luxembourg:

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Luxembourgish was a solely spoken language used by the farmers and local people, while the occupiers of the country of the specific times kept speaking in their own languages (mainly French because of the trend and sound), and the first piece published in Luxembourg, La Clef du Cabinet des Princes de L’Europe, was in French and printed in Luxembourg in 1723. The ignorance of the Luxembourgish language by the occupiers also explains some of the differences between Luxembourgish in terms of accents from different villages even in such a small country, as the language never ‘travelled’ through the country. While there was no specific Luxembourgish language, the different divisions of the country into different countries and giving parts to Belgium France and Germany was mainly done on the spoken language, which left the core with the most Luxembourgish-speaking residents as a tiny Grand Duchy.

Luxembourg’s sights and variations of landscapes:

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possible routes:

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