ID: Self-directed Brief #2 in preparation

It is quite early in the year to already define my second self–initiated brief, but for now this is what the project is seeming to be about:

What if the environment could be used to modify a shape/typeface/create a direct and changing input?
I am looking at experimenting with how (ambient) sound can change  a pre-set design, or how a design gets created by the sound and acoustic. How can the environment influence something and how can it be made noticeable and readable? How would an interactive shape or typeface work, or how can conversations be captured (for example extraction of most common word as word of the day)? What could be used to represent what is happening throughout the day, week, month, year in a space and by what is it influenced or change?
Possible environments to look at: Library, Coffee shop, public spaces, with a variety of different people and atmospheres. Here is a link to a design/simple code that I have been looking at that could relate to this subject.


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