U10 #1 – Final Crit: Feedback


The first thing that came onto the table as feedback was the suggestion to create some sort of awareness campaign out of this project in two steps, starting with the question of ‘do you know there is a language called Luxembourgish’ before following up with a campaign showing the country with/by the language, sort of educational. While I agree with the idea of increasing awareness (which is nowadays already growing due to our new elections in October 2013 and the Luxembourgish language gaining more importance next to other new languages), I am going to try and not only represent Luxembourgish itself as a focus but as well the other influences. With so many people living in Luxembourg without speaking the Luxembourgish language and only German or French, it is important to create an identity that represents as many residents as possible from the outside while encouraging the non-Luxembourgish-speaking residents and workers to learn Luxembourgish and integrate into society as well as for the Luxembourgish-speaking residents to support the learning process and continue speak Luxembourgish (to a certain extend), without being over-protective over the language. The fact that a lot of employees in Luxembourg consist in residents outside of Luxembourg is not helping. What I would want to try is to create a campaign that encourages the use of Luxembourgish from those that are working and/or living here, while maybe as a bonus attracting curious visitors to the country while showing that yes there is a language called Luxembourg, and even that there is a country called Luxembourg with a long history. A survey in Luxembourg was also an advice, which I think I also have already been doing with discussing with different people from Luxembourg to get different approaches as it is different for me growing up in a Luxembourgish home than for people growing up in a home where Portuguese, French or any other language while living in Luxembourg or immigrating early or later during their life.  The use of Luxembourgish is a hot topic right now in Luxembourg.

The approach of over-layering and isolation of the words/letters of the same meaning seemed appealing to a lot of the students, another comment was the question about a logo or appliance to the words onto a variation of different words. While I think that there should be an overall look of the campaign, I don’t think it is necessary to create a single logo as the identity would be created through the specific use of the typography and colour and the way it is used, and it shouldn’t be limited to one fixed visual logo. There was argumentation of making the French and German words less impactful and the Luxembourgish parts more intense, and different preferences from the different experimentations I have done so far.

I am happy and grateful for the lot of feedback that I got and am going to do more experimentation with different type, words and will try to look at interactive typography as well to maybe find another way of merging the letters. There is still a lot of work to do!


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