Lutz & Guggisberg at Mudam

The exhibition of Swiss artists Andres Lutz & Anders Guggisberg at Mudam is called The Forrest. An accumulation of a variety of techniques, materials and subjects, it is like a playful promenade through a colourful world. The installation is full of different details telling a variety of narratives that seem light as well as profound.Mudam_34491

Their exhibition at Mudam consists of a combination of more recent works which are assembled into a complex composite ensemble enclosed by a wall painting which embraces the whole room and resists the orderliness of the typical museum white cube concept. Full of irony and cryptic humour, the works of Lutz & Guggisberg contain an abundance of subtle references to art, literature and science and present themselves as a loose but not always coherent narrative.

(source: Mudam)


The temptation is great. The work of Andres Lutz and Anders Guggisberg is over-the-top. It explodes boundaries, ignores genres and combines categories. Rhizome-like configurations invade the terrain of contemporary art, pointing forward and backward with narrative glee. At their exhibitions, viewers find themselves reeling with delight. Which tentacles should they take up, which paths should they follow, where should they let themselves drift? It is extremely seductive and tempting to find that everything is related to everything else. Such cognitive super redundancy is obviously useless. What’s left? Tout court, the need and the bid to isolate aspects of Lutz & Guggisberg’s imagery, though only to render them again as a whole.


Nothing that has already been said, only this much: Lutz & Guggisberg offer something society cannot do without, an anarchic drive toward freedom. What’s more, they question encrusted patterns of order. They excite an interest in productive detours and border crossings. Forever boisterous and ebullient, they show us what the world is really about.

(Exploring the Meanders of Lutz & Guggisberg, Andreas Baur)




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