U10 #2 – Self-directed project 1, Sign-off Workshop

To start the second term, we had a whole-day-briefing session where we presented our self-directed project research which we are going to be working on for the next three weeks.

My initial proposal before the christmas break started with the keywords intrigue, awareness, textures, interactive, and the question What if a series of created (print?) objects could intrigue the user?
Associated tasks:
– find a collection of textures related to different kind of printmaking
– find a variation of different context/content
– look at the value of image/decoration/meaning

While I was preparing today’s presentation and looking back at the research I had done so far, it sort of didn’t match with the proposal that I had in mind (which had changed from the initial proposal).
Other questions occured:
What is an image? It is first of all a visual stimulation (to which other factors are then added (I am not going to start talking about my dissertation again (or I’ll try!)) This is not what I want to focus on, but rather the experience of seeing something, or maybe an installation/set. At least that is what is floating vaguely in my head. So I continued to another question: How would a landscape/image translated into a 2D or 3D environment? Keywords being: landscape, texture, illusion, intrigue, optical, installation, experimentation. But this still left me a bit concerned about the 3-week-brief ahead of me.

Research examples (see posts below):

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The feedback I got during the meeting was to look at how something can be translated into 2D and 3D, how it would be experienced from a different perspective (as for example a child playing hide and seek), to maybe relate it to the landscapes that I know from home (Luxembourg, which I described as nothing there during the presentation, while trying to explain my fascination with landscapes probably because of their ever–changing textures), create a series of prints, look at the artist Gregor Schneider at the Maison Rouge, and some more.
It still left me sceptical, but the day wasn’t over yet. We set aims, targeted audience, looked at tasks to complete and a vague three-week-schedule planning.
It was then that I decided my aim was to create illusions that make sight doubt.
After a further discussion with Rathna during which I was encouraged to go back to the first question and try out a landscape with different techniques (drawing, illustration, typography, etc), showing a different aspect each time, as well as different from the original place in Luxembourg. Even though I am sort of sceptical about the boundaries between creating an artwork and a design work, and about representational design/work, I suppose I should just start doing in order to get somewhere, and I have another route with illusions in mind which I am going to try out as well as the representational route.

Let’s see what will happen!


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