U10 #3 – Interim Crit

Yesterday we had our interim crit for the second set brief, the Manifesto.
What I presented wasn’t as pushed as I would have wanted it to be due to a lack of time that was mostly taken up by working towards the degree show identity presentation on Monday (which our group doesn’t have to worry about anymore, finally). I took the questions that I had done for the performance and went back trying to connect the starting points and these formed formal questions. I then designed a set of 32 cards with the question on the front and it’s backbone on the backside, while writing up a manifesto out of the separate paragraphs created.


When I presented these cards and combinations at the afternoon crit yesterday the feedback and engagement I got back from the group surprised me. The first comment that I got was the question whether I had written the text myself (which yes, I have, even though it is quite rough for now), and what format these should be presented at, them being brutally honest, in a less subtle and more public way such as posters in the studios or even outside, as the advice is useful to every and any student. As the manifesto project is all about going over our limits by embarrassing and challenging ourselves, the group mostly agreed that I should yell the text out. Even though I am not sure yet if I want to, in Paulus’s words, be the ‘crazy one’ and walk around with a megafon, I might try out recording it and doing a moving image/stills to go with it (and again I am not sure about some tips, such as replacing the fire alarm with the screaming, I’m not even sure it’s doable/replacable).
The paragraphs came over as informal and blunt translations of the formal feedback that we might get from our tutors and could fit well in the time before the final assessments or the degree show preparations.

As my designs are mostly very subtle and in details I am going to have to see how I can make designs that fit the text with blunt honesty and touch the audience in a helpful way. Overall the interim crit we had was very inspiring and it was great to see what different routes everyone is taking with this quite personla yet public project.


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