U10 #3 – Manifesto in Progress

Screen Shot 2014-02-09 at 13.17.49

I went to record the manifesto, key words and questions in the recording studio in university on Friday morning. It took me a few hours and left me with a sore throat, but I find myself with a few recordings to rearrange and select from, from whispered, spoken, yelled to sung versions. Half an hour of compressed recordings (without the singing versions, as I am not yet sure if or how I am going to use them) make a lot of minutes to choose and reduce.

I am not yet really sure what I want to use the recordings with, I am currently thinking of an interactive set of posters that yell at you when you are in front of them, or extract–installations, as well as a moving image video with a face portrait as communicator (which I don’t know if I’ll have the time to do it in time as I only got the film studio tomorrow afternoon and other workshops going on at the same time). The designs for the handlettered posters that I have been trying out have not been going to any directions that I would be happy with so I am still working on those.

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While doing this I also went back and did further research about manifestos, and here are a few of the keywords from it: declaration, set of guidelines, reminder, affirmation, intentions, declaration.


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