Group of Practice meeting

As (mostly) every monday, we had a meeting with our group of practice this afternoon. We were supposed to bring work as a preparation for the mid–point assessment happening next week, but there weren’t a lot of people who remembered and brought stuff to the table. I managed to get feedback on my current project, the Manifesto brief, whose final crit is happening tomorrow.
As I had only the roughs of the recordings ready to listen to and wasn’t happy with the designs that I had done so far, I played the separate recordings to the group. These were quite well taken by them and I was asked why these shouldn’t be considered as final outcome. I feel that these recordings are not final versions (even if edited and cut down), the recordings are about one hour altogether so that is quite of a mass. I was proposed to layer them which I am going to try anyway because I don’t want to loose the three parts of questions, keywords and the paragraphs manifesto. The yelling record seemed like a protest take, so there was the suggestion of creating a protest (which is close to what I got as a comment during the interim crit last week as well) with protest posters. This makes me remember l’Automàtica from Barcelona, who letterpressed a set of newspaper prints to create a newspaper useable for the manifestations that were going on at that time.


I quite agree with creating visual protesting supports that can be read out while being carried around by the manifesto group through the studios, yelling around. Even though it might be a bit disruptive, it still has a useful content that could help push productivity and get over creative blocks.

Photos from l’Automàtica‘s protest supports created by Pelousse in May 2011:

Unfortunately (or maybe it’s for the better) I know that from tonight to tomorrow morning there is not much time to develop elaborate posters and print them as well. I want to keep the ‘posters’ or manifesto sheets simple anyway because the focus should not be on the posters but on the ‘protesters’ voices. The sheets would only serve as a support for them to read or hold up.


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