U10 #4 – Interim Crit Feedback

While trying to finish up most of the other projects, I haven’t been able to work on my second self–initiated project as much as I would have wanted to, especially since my subject and project is still so vague and the outcome really really unclear. So when I went to the interim crit for which I signed up with Luise, I didn’t have enough work or prototyping to present.
The feedback I got during the crit was however still very useful. I showed the tape experiment and my aim to make the limits between personal space in a public space visible and to make people aware of how they are affecting a space and other people’s public spaces and how it is changed by other people before them. The tape was interpreted as a way to remember or memorise what had just happened in the space. It was found very interesting for people to look at as well as inform what is going on in the space. Suggestions were to photograph the studio at a specific time each day and recreate the situations and behaviours that had just happened through tape, layering it for a week and use it as a sort of ephemeral infographics to show what is going on in the studios throughout the week. I was advised to try different materials, tapes, fabric, electrical tape etc. I was also thinking of explore is a more direct way of showing how people move through a space by using material that they would take with them as they enter the studio and leave a residue on the floor, but it would probably not lead very far and explore more the idea of wayfinding and movement that interference into each others’ personal spaces.
The limits of personal space are also effected by cultural influences so people act differently, more openly or closed according to their upbringing and cultural background. While in some cultures a house may act as open space where you can walk in and always be welcome at any point of the day, in other cultures you would always call or plan meetings ahead and respect each others personal spaces instead of using them as part of your public space as Chloë explained.
What Manuela mentioned stuck in my mind and is a very logical interpretation: Overlapping personal spaces are necessary in order to create a public space or to create interaction in public.

I am not quite sure about how I am going to continue with this project as I won’t have time to work on it before handing in the two D&AD briefs that I am currently working on with Hanna Piatrusha and Romi Nicole Schneider respectively. I am interested in displaying and making people aware of what is happening, has happened or is going to happen inside the space that they share together with other people, in a way that makes them also aware of how they affect the space and other people’s personal space and in order to increase the respect of each others boundaries or non–boundaries. I am however not sure if it would work as a temporary physical installation, instant reactive system or as display.


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