U10 #4 – In progress

Personal space is the region surrounding a person which they regard as psychologically theirs.


While I am struggling about how to move forward with my second self–directed brief which is still not very far even though the final hand-in date is moving closer and closer, and the time pressure is not helping, especially since there are also all of the other projects to finish. I have now spent as good as the whole day trying to find a visual solution or even only other visual examples on the ground of graphic design that would fit into my body of work that I am supposed to submit soon, but not very successfully. So I am again going back to researching the meanings and definitions and continuing another brainstorm session.
Displaying specific actions or spaces overlapping inside the studio for a week would be an option, even though creating an infographics that is formed only after the action and with manual input influenced by personal decisions wouldn’t make it a live translation of how the space is being used. (Even (yes I am repeating myself) if I am already imagining how it could look or work (which doesn’t mean anything since it would look differently anyway)). I am still curious to see how a processing sketch could create a real-time response, however I don’t have enough computational/programming skills to create an object responding to what is happening outside of it. As I am writing this I am also flicking through ‘Computers as Theatre’ by Brenda Laurel, and here is an extract of Don Norman’s preface for the 2013 version of it.


Don Norman's preface for Computer as Theatre (Brenda Laurel), 2013

Don Norman’s preface for Computer as Theatre (Brenda Laurel), 2013

Despite not knowing what the book might bring to my practice, I keep going back to it. Maybe I will find out why as I get through the book. In the meantime I should continue a bit and get sketching and prototyping as well.


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