In order to clear up my work in progress with student projects and make space for the latest post-university projects (aka after assessment!) I am cleaning up the categories, but here are the CSM-specific categories just in case of need:
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Projects done around CSM

Year Two at Central Saint Martins (2012-2013):
Unit 5
Visual Language: International Klein Blue
Liberty’s Department Store into Flipbooks, a building translated into a book
Yves Klein by himself, a book translated into a building
Blast/Bless: Postcards from London, Luxembourg and Paris

Unit 6 – The Bigger Picture

Unit 7
Time is of the Essence: Student Organiser
What if Music Could Be Seen: Musical Perception
Pop Up Shop: &London Notebooks

Context / Dissertation
Unit 8-9

Year Three at Central Saint Martins (2013-2014):
Unit 10
Home Town: Luxembourg(ish)
The Value of an Image
A Do Something But Not Anything Manifesto
Public/Personal Space

TSI (Typography Special Interest Group)

Final Year Digital


Events & Exhibitions

Competitions & Collaborations & Live Briefs
Barnard & Westwood
Font Aid IV

An Illustration Workshop
An Internship at the Imprimerie du Marais
Art Auction 2013 Catalogue
D&AD British Council
D&AD Monotype



So what was my dissertation about again?

During the context part of my BA Graphic Design course, I researched the impact of visual as well as alternative sensatory impact, with the help of different philosophers such as Phenomenology and Michel Serres as well as psychologists and perception research. I evidenced my research through examples such as the Light Show at the Hayward Gallery in spring 2013, sound artist Jakob Kirkegaard, Amy Radcliffe’s Scento-Graphy project and the Imprimerie du Marais’ event Eat–Print–Love.

I wanted to make the obvious obviouser that design, and perception and awareness, shouldn’t be simply visual (and it isn’t) and accentuate the importance of sensatory impact and aware interaction of the person with the environment.

We handed in our final year dissertation as part of our Unit 8 and Unit 9 Context work on Tuesday.


During the context period, I looked at perception and how it would be possible to take it further than through visual impact and involve the user.


The design copy for my dissertation From Visual Perception Towards Multisensory Experience consists in a format that separates text and images from each other. My dissertation is about perception through the five senses and the user’s awareness and interaction with it, which is integrated as much as possible into the design process.

The text is set on A4 to create a familiar environment. To contrast this, the text itself is only in a small part of the page in three columns while the margins are kept clear to make the user aware of the page and the environment around the text. The images are printed on a variaton of transparent and translucent material to encourage the user to interact with it as the images are only visible if lifted or isolated from the other pages. While the beginning and the end of the dissertation are handbound with coptic binding making them easily open and readable, the inside around the case studies are blocked by the images and don’t open flat. The user needs to hold the pages and intervene in order to be able to read the pages. The irriation this creates makes the user aware of their movements and what they are/have to do to read through the pages.
The design of my dissertation is made to make the reader aware of what they are doing instead of making the process as visual as possible. The user need to stop, sit down and interact with the pages to get a sense of what is being communicated to them.

See the full project on Behance.

Luckily for me, the Light Show at the Hayward Gallery at Southbank was extended for another week, so I took the opportunity to have a break and be inspired by it.

Screen shot 2013-05-04 at 23.53.01
I was especially looking forward to seeing a piece by James Turrell in real life as I had designed an exhibition book about his work in 2011 (as part of my course at ECV) but had never seen one before.
All in all (I am not going to describe all of my experiences in the exhibition, that would go on far too long and it is kept in my sketchbook for now) I really enjoyed the show, especially because it is also sort of related to my dissertation research area considering that the exhibition and artists’ works made the visitors part of the exhibition and environment and let them experience rather than just see the work. During my context research, I am looking at perception, the limits of an image, from type to image, but also from a 2D towards a 3D/4D experience, meaning: From visual perception towards a multi-sensory experience. Now I know that this still sounds very vague, but I am just starting with it, and not sure how it is going to turn out.

Here are a few extracts out of my notebook from during the exhibition.

Screen shot 2013-05-04 at 23.52.20 Screen shot 2013-05-04 at 23.52.34 Screen shot 2013-05-04 at 23.52.12