In order to clear up my work in progress with student projects and make space for the latest post-university projects (aka after assessment!) I am cleaning up the categories, but here are the CSM-specific categories just in case of need:
(and don’t forget to scroll down if you want to read through the development of a project from start to finish!)

Projects done around CSM

Year Two at Central Saint Martins (2012-2013):
Unit 5
Visual Language: International Klein Blue
Liberty’s Department Store into Flipbooks, a building translated into a book
Yves Klein by himself, a book translated into a building
Blast/Bless: Postcards from London, Luxembourg and Paris

Unit 6 – The Bigger Picture

Unit 7
Time is of the Essence: Student Organiser
What if Music Could Be Seen: Musical Perception
Pop Up Shop: &London Notebooks

Context / Dissertation
Unit 8-9

Year Three at Central Saint Martins (2013-2014):
Unit 10
Home Town: Luxembourg(ish)
The Value of an Image
A Do Something But Not Anything Manifesto
Public/Personal Space

TSI (Typography Special Interest Group)

Final Year Digital


Events & Exhibitions

Competitions & Collaborations & Live Briefs
Barnard & Westwood
Font Aid IV

An Illustration Workshop
An Internship at the Imprimerie du Marais
Art Auction 2013 Catalogue
D&AD British Council
D&AD Monotype



finishing up


Today I also had another look at my postcards from yesterday. While cutting them out, I realised that I didn’t have thaaat many about London, and much more about Luxembourg than I thought. Which means 6 for each. Even 8 for Luxembourg if you count the two I decided not to use in the end because of two typos. So I might add 4 to Paris (there are two already) and the random category as well, depending on how far I am with the other projects.

A preview:

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back to the typewriter

So I “had to” borrow the typewriter again.



Using the other half of the paper I had left from the booklets, I roughly drew the postcard sizes onto the A5 sheets and then wrote straight onto the paper.
I decided on different paper for each category, sugar paper for London to mirror the newspaper and roughness of fish&chips, a somewhat white paper for the normality of Luxembourg, a smooth beige-ish paper for Paris, and I haven’t decided yet for the random part. And cutting A1 paper again. Initially I had planned to use different paper such as transparents, mirrored silvery paper and other kinds of paper, but most of them where too thick and wouldn’t go through the typewriter.

Starting with London as I felt these were the parts where I had managed to experiment the most, it also made me find myself surrounded by mostly cards about London, a few cards for Luxembourg and two for Paris. At this point, at the end of a long day, I decided to stop with the typing and see if after I’ve advanced the other projects I still have time left to finish the cards before assessment, otherwise I will finish them after the assessment. After all the contents are all already typewritten, and the postcards only a last adaptation of the texts.

I used the typewriter caracters to create textures on the postcards, and am quite happy with how they turned out, with the debossed letters, even though for the black ink I had to pass two to five times over the letters in order to get a more black appearance. But this also allowed me to play with the pressure and greys of the typewriter.

Photo683 Photo684Photo687

Now I still have to cut them out, but most of it is finished I think. There are some parts with letters that shouldn’t be there, but I find it only gives a more authentic feeling to it.


To complete the postcards, I put the title Blast/Bless on the other sides of the cards.

Photo685 Photo686


During the final crit, I presented my whole process, beginning at the typewritter-written pages, to the postcards towards the booklets.

The typewriter-pages still seem to be the most interesting to me, because they have something spontaneous about them, due to the fact that I just wrote without really seriously thinking about what I was doing, since the pages were supposed to be scanned and changed afterwards anyway.


The postcards which have a variety of scales and changes made to the text (as well as isolating and separating the different parts from each other), but the change of scale can’t really convince. They don’t make statements, which is why I abandoned them to continue onto the format of booklets as they seem more appropriate and discret.

postcards testprints

postcards testprints

The ones with a lot of text on them were actually only supposed to help me find all the different arguments, as they were the pages where I accumulated them all, and from where I separated them into separate parts.


Continuing to the format of booklets, I used the pages I had already created for the postcards and adapted them, as well as adding quite a few, which left me with 28 pages for the Luxembourg-Booklet (and I had to leave some away as well). But as I had enjoyed the London-texts the most, I decided to also do half of those. The different format and form somehow allowed me to experiment a bit more. I then printed the booklets onto sugar paper (cut down from A1 paper), as I thought it would be interesting to have as tone and texture, giving it more of a rough feeling. For the covers I chose four different colours for the four topics. A beige-y colour for Luxembourg as I thought it represented the characteristics of a basic, ordinary and normal country, dark red for Paris to give it a sophisticated feeling, dark blue for London’s light, rainy atmosphere and yellow for the random blasts and blessings. They are binded with coloured threat, as I didn’t want it to be matched, but more to stand out.




The booklet seemed as the best version compared to the postcards, mainly also due to the less changed scale of the type.

The different paths and versions, even if not working, allowed me to experiment and develop the project.

I was advised to go back to the beginning, and use the inital typewriting, without intermediate scanning or changing. So from the typewriter over the postcards to the booklets, I am now going backwards again, using the typewriter to create the postcards immediately. As with calligraphy and handwriting, the cards can’t be mass-produced, but every postcard will be handtyped.
This way it keeps the original scale, but also keeps the touch of the printed letters onto the paper, which give it an indiviual and more report-like feeling. It also allows me to play more with the textures I used for London.

Now I will have to try to not make too many typing mistakes.


So for the final crit today, I prepared a few printouts. As I left the postcards on the side for the moment, I continued on the notebook road. The categories are still Luxembourg, Paris, London and Randoms, but as I didn’t have enough time, I concentrated on Luxembourg and part of London. The booklets are 105 x 140 mm, with 28 pages, each booklet with a differently coloured cover.
I tried using the scanned versions as thoroughly as possible, playing with scale, even though I was not so convinced by it, but what would be the point of scanning something if I wasn’t going to use the digital possibilities it provides.

Here are the testprints for the crit.


A preview

After a few essays on paper, I decided to continue to the computer. Even though it seems strange to set the text in Photoshop, I guessed it would be the most logical way to prepare the text for print, as I want to be able to manipulate the text and letters as freely as possible.
So I re-cut out a selection of phrases, which leaves me with a lot of material to work with, I am probably going to leave out some of the examples.

text selection

text selection

Screen shot 2013-01-20 at 19.04.06

After roughly dividing the blastings and blessings into categories (Luxembourg, Paris, London, Random and Cover possibilities), I start to rearrange them on the cards.

Screen shot 2013-01-20 at 19.36.15


Screen shot 2013-01-20 at 23.30.45


Screen shot 2013-01-20 at 23.30.50


Screen shot 2013-01-20 at 23.31.08


Screen shot 2013-01-20 at 23.31.34

the Alphabet

Screen shot 2013-01-20 at 23.31.41

Blast/Bless Titles and Covers

And I start to separate them and edit them one by one.



Luxemburgish Food

Luxemburgish Food



I am not very convinced by the first try-outs yet, as they seem too light and fragile for postcards, so I might change to the formats of the notebooks after all, or add landscape illustrations of the locations in order to accentuate them. I am also thinking of re-adding colour, either by colouring the text in again or printing on coloured paper. I also have to increase the size differences between the words, but that could make the larger letters turn out pixelated.
It is not very easy to create contrasts as the typewriter font is very light, even in larger scales, so my options are even more limited than I thought at the beginning.